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Kinder Room

4 years – 5 years

The Kinder program at Hobsons Bay Children’s Centre is an inclusive 4-year-old funded kinder program. The Kinder program is developed by a bachelor qualified educator (Kindergarten Teacher) that strives to create a warm and homely environment.

Our Vision is to assist children in developing skills that enable future learning to occur. We hope to develop a love of learning among our kinder children and create lifelong learners.

The Kinder program is a play-based learning program which prepares your child for school and beyond. Your child is supported to build on confidence and a positive growth mindset which is seen as a major contributing factor to their success in life.

Children are encouraged to initiate their learning and intentional teaching is developed according to the group of children’s needs, abilities and interests.

The daily routine is flexible to accommodate for each child’s needs throughout the day. Each day presents something different and as educators we cater to each child’s needs.

Children have the opportunity to be involved in progressive meal times and rest if required. Small group times are incorporated and are complemented with a staggered indoor/outdoor approach. Routine flexibility promotes independence and choice.

Entering into term 4 the Kinder Teacher will begin to prepare a transition learning and development statement. The statement summarises their abilities and individual approaches to learning, and will provide primary school teachers with an insight prior to school commencement.

We want your children to enjoy their kinder year and for it to be a memorable stepping stone into the next chapter of their life…

Your child is encouraged to develop basic skills such as;

  • Following instructions
  • Communicating needs
  • Confidently approaching situations
  • Understanding early numeracy and literacy concepts
  • Forming relationships with other children and educators
  • Contributing to joint play