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2 years – 3 years

Ocean Room is a 2-3 year old based room. Which focuses on each child’s individual development and needs. Educators also encourage children to confidently explore and engage with social and physical environments through relationships and play.

Our program is focused on learning through play, where children’s learning is scaffolded as they develop and exhibit aspects of various milestones. Each play space within the room is a reflection on children’s current interests. Play spaces are strategically set up for children to extend on their skills while still offering children choice. We provide a range of active and restful experiences throughout the day and support children to make appropriate decisions regarding participation.

Cooking and sensory experiences stimulate creative minds, which are offered on a regular basis.

Indoor and Outdoor play is offered to all children at all times of the day, with the exception of designated sleep or rest times. Routines are an integral part of our day with focus on self-help skills.

Ocean Room offer staggered meals in the morning, lunch and afternoon, while encouraging independence and food etiquette.

As Educators we recognise and value children’s involvement in learning, providing environments that are flexible and open ended. Educators promote skills and techniques to children that enhance their capacity for self-expression and communication. Each individual child is acknowledged, listened to and responded to in a positive and nurturing manner.

Ocean room educators pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our families. We explore and celebrate the culture, heritage, backgrounds and traditions of each child within the context of their community, promoting inclusivity within the program.

We welcome and look forward to this educational learning journey with you and your child at Hobsons Bay Children’s Centre.

Skills Children will learn:

  • Self help skills
  • Independence
  • Develop a greater vocabulary
  • Risk taking and exploring new challenges
  • Fine motor and gross motor development
  • Problem Solving
  • Forming positive relationships with educators and peers