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3 years – 5 years

In the Jungle Room we strongly believe in creating an environment that encourages and supports the development of your child through a play-based program. We support children at all stages of development We promote an environment where skills such as self-help, self-regulation, taking risks, exploring, being creative and imaginative, and engaging with peers form the basis of our curriculum. We plan our curriculum around the interests of the children, their needs and their abilities and we strongly encourage your involvement within our program to build on our own community values and practices.

In the Jungle Room we also have many different routines throughout our day to maximise and complement our learning opportunities. We provide an indoor/outdoor program which enables the children to take ownership of their play.

As educators we assist the children in gaining confidence to face new challenges and seek new approaches.

Our main goal is for your child to develop at their own pace in a stimulating, challenging and inviting environment.

Skills Children will learn:

  • Self help skills
  • Independence
  • Risk taking and seeking / exploring new challenges
  • Spatial awareness
  • Fine motor and gross motor development
  • Problem Solving
  • Forming positive relationships and interactions with educators and peers
  • Self regulation of emotions