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Rainbow Room

4-6 months – 2 years

The Rainbow Room is our Centre’s Nursery Room, which caters from 4-6 months to 2 years. Within our room we aim to create an environment representing a home-life, where children feel welcome in a warm secure and respectful space. Our aim is to build strong positive attachments with our children and families through positive and supportive communication as we welcome and encourage parent/family involvement. We follow the children’s routine established by the parents to give consistency and a sense of belonging within our room. Our educators are responsive and recognise children cues of sleep, hunger or comfort and our room is equipped to support the child’s wellbeing.

Our Program is focused on play-based learning and our activities are an extension of the children’s current interest. We individually plan for children’s development through observations, intentional teaching to further assist in each child’s development. Educators are aware and plan to assist children in reaching their developmental milestones by providing an environment rich in experimentation, imagination, interest and flexible and open-ended learning. We also offer indoor / outdoor program to give all children choice.

Skills Children will learn:

  • Positive attachments and relationships with peers and educators
  • Sensory play
  • Gross motor development such as balancing, walking, crawling, sitting
  • Risk taking
  • Discovering/seeking new challenges
  • Verbal and non verbal communication
  • Problem solving
  • Imaginative play
  • Music and movement